Musings of an Eon...


Published 2019 Feb 25 @ 22:14

My name is Tyler Eon. I tend to go by my online pseudonym, “Kolo Rahl”. I’ve been engaged in programming of one form or another since 2003 when I got into modding for the PC game Neverwinter Nights. BioWare had used Lua as the game’s scripting engine which I had an absolute blast learning and using, so I just kept going.

In 2008 I started my professional career at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). I mainly supported the platform services team, which maintained all the fundamental services used by practically every other part of the company: authentication, chat, e-commerce, and so on. Despite the atrocious pay and horrific hours, I attribute SOE - and specifically my teammates - with giving me an outstanding foundation to build my programming knowledge on top of. And not just programming in the sense of writing code, but in designing code and building actual products that other people use, not just blocks of code that are potentially a pinnacle of modern computer science but relatively unusable or unnecessary. Without them, I’m sure that I wouldn’t be nearly as far in my career as I am now.

Along the way I had an opportunity to work with a wide variety of colleagues that helped me grow in different ways. Of particular note is my encounter with Erlang and having to learn functional programming for use in a production system. Prior to my intro to Erlang, all of my purely-functional programming was consolidated into two classes from college. Learning to succeed in a functional programming language, such as Erlang, Haskell, Elm, Elixir, etc, is - in my belief - one of the reasons I was able to accelerate the growth of my skills as a software engineer. Knowing both object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP) gave me far greater insight on how to solve software programs more effectively and with greater confidence.

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