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Understanding True Microservices

Published 2021 Oct 18 @ 17:08

When people say “microservices” I feel like they imagine a fleet of VMs or container pods running a bunch of small and “compartmentalized” applications that communicate with each other in vast and complex manners. But honestly, that’s not what microservices is supposed to be about. Companies like Netflix certainly popularized the concept of creating the smallest possible version of an application so that you have hundreds of unique services that all talk to each other in this manner.


My Backer Journey: A Kickstarter Tale

Published 2021 Sep 24 @ 20:14

I’ve recently been reflecting on the many investments I’ve made through Kickstarter over the last decade. I backed my first campaign shortly after Kickstarter had turned 1. At the time I was primarily interested in giving video game developers that had worked on previous games a chance to make sequels and spiritual successors. Since then I’ve branched out to all manner of projects, though typically still within the realm of video games or physical products.


Story: Interviewing Is Hard

Published 2021 Aug 02 @ 17:49

Some people may think interviewing is simple or that the current resources available to interviewers can help ease the process, but ultimately that’s just not true. Typically, smaller companies will either use an existing interviewing process or copy the process of larger companies. But how does one create an interview process? Mostly by trial and error. One of the most famous (I would argue) examples of “designing interviews is hard” is how Google admitted, back in 2013, that their infamous brain teasers are a complete waste of time.


Story: League of Legends

Published 2021 Jun 29 @ 20:31

After my first full-time job with Sony Online Entertainment I interviewed for a number of other jobs, all within the gaming industry. At the time I was big into League of Legends, having played since the start of their private beta back in college. I thought it would be awesome to help build the very game I loved so much and so I went to the extreme in trying to stand out despite a very limited work history up to this point.


Story Corner

Published 2021 Jun 20 @ 19:55

I have decided that it might be fun to post some stories of things I experienced that I thought were fun, interesting, or otherwise potentially-entertaining. I’ll try to avoid the names of people or places because I don’t want to necessarily call people out or make them feel embarrassed or be mean to any specific individual. I merely wish to relate stories that I think might be enjoyable to others.


Escaping a Nightmare

Published 2020 Aug 01 @ 16:04

This is an incredibly long post. I’ll put a TL;DR at the top just below this brief intro. I don’t normally like to write about my personal life in detail but I’m hoping that writing about what’s happened in my life, and the life of my family, will provide some relief and maybe even help someone else that is in a similar situation to any of those related in this post.


Docker and Kubernetes

Published 2020 Mar 02 @ 21:53

It’s possible to now have Docker Desktop run a single-node Kubernetes cluster, which is wonderful for anyone that needs to emulate the Kubernetes environment for their development purposes. After all, if you’re building an application that will be deployed via Kubernetes, it is helpful to have your development environment mirror your production environment when testing certain features. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses… First, Docker Compose I am a huge fan of Docker Compose.


GitLab Managed App: Cert Manager

Published 2019 Dec 31 @ 05:26

For anyone using GitLab’s Managed Apps, specifically the cert-manager, be advised that you need to re-install (uninstall/install) the app if you first installed it prior to September 22, 2019. Most people that need to have probably already done so, but my cert was active until right around Christmas, so by the time I realized my cert hadn’t renewed it was the holiday season. And, to my added frustration, the re-installation process was not smooth.


Google Stadia Review

Published 2019 Nov 23 @ 04:33

I had a $150 credit on my Google Store account after my purchase of a Pixel 3 XL and there is nothing on the Google Store, beside the Pixel phones, that is really worth spending any money on. Except maybe a Chromecast. But then Google Stadia came out for pre-order, it was around $150, so I said “why not?” And I bought it. I received my copy November 21, 2019, and so far I’ve only played Destiny 2 on it, but I feel it makes for a great test game since it’s an online multiplayer game that deals in fast-paced first-person shooting.


Elixir + GitLab AutoDevOps

Published 2019 Oct 09 @ 13:13

For those unaware of GitLab’s AutoDevOps feature, I would recommend checking out the official documentation. TL;DR GitLab is trying to make a CI/CD pipeline that’s as simple as deploying applications is with Heroku. Essentially, you “flip a switch” and any git push you do to the repo runs the pipeline (assuming the branch/tag meets certain prerequisites). It’s actually a very wonderful feature… in theory. But the devil, as they say, is in the details.